Research & Development

UCEEB is an applied research and innovation center within the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague - one of the largest and oldest technical universities in Europe (founded in 1707). We are a welcome opportunity for professionals and talented students to bring together different disciplines with a view to advance the concept of buildings smarter, energetically efficient and with both the environment and occupants in mind.
Our teams are led by experienced academics with international networking and long-time educational experience. Each team includes top scientists and graduate students, as well as talented undergraduates, which regularly take part in international academic projects.

Our teams

Architecture and the environment
Claddings of buildings, building physics and advanced material solutions.

Energy management systems in buildings
New concepts of decentralized energy sources (renewables or fuels) for interactive energy-efficient buildings.

Indoor environmental quality
Ensuring a quality (health, safety and comfort) internal environment to users of energy-efficient buildings.

Materials and structures
Research and development of materials and structures at standard temperatures and under fire conditions.

Control and monitoring of intelligent buildings
Sensor networks, long-term evaluation of structural changes in buildings’ construction, and monitoring (diagnostics) of buildings in relation to energy resources and technical systems.