Postdoctoral Researcher

Job Information
Organisation/Company: Czech Technical University in Prague
Research Field: Engineering » Control engineering
Researcher Profile: Recognised Researcher (R2), Established Researcher (R3), Leading Researcher (R4)
Country: Czech Republic
Application Deadline: 31 Aug 2023 - 23:59 (Europe/Prague)
Type of Contract: Temporary
Job Status: Full-time
Hours Per Week: 40
Offer Starting Date: 1 Oct 2023
Is the job funded through the EU Research Framework Programme?
Not funded by an EU programme.
Reference Number: #13-1
Is the Job related to staff position within a Research Infrastructure?

Offer Description
Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) now offers a new fellowship program, the CTU Global Postdoc Fellowship. This new and attractive two-year fellowship-program offers excellent researchers who have recently completed their PhD the chance to continue their research career at CTU. Fellows receive a two year fellowship and become members of a team led by a mentor. The fellowship aims at external international scientists who are currently conducting research abroad. Applicants must have completed their PhD within the last seven years (eg. 2016 or later). The fellowship aims at authors (co-authors) of three or more publications in a journal with IF. 
Research focuses on studying the usability of building energy systems (heating, hot water, cooling, ventilation, and on-site RES systems) in the smart grid and energy community context. The decentralization of the energy sector and the increasing involvement of intermittent renewables poses a new challenge to grid stability. Although individual buildings are tiny consumers in the overall energy system, aggregating multiple buildings under coordinated management can improve energy efficiency in terms of resiliency, prioritizing clean energy usage, and improving grid stability. Deploying demand-side management can help buildings optimize their consumption and improve the usage of the storage systems while bringing significant savings to the final consumers. However, as buildings are complex, this needs to be carefully investigated and introduced to not impact the indoor environment quality and other aspects.

Research Field: Engineering
Education Level: PhD or equivalent
Skills/Qualifications: We are looking for a highly motivated and independent researcher in the field of modern, clean and sustainable energy with an emphasis on building energy systems and their smart control and operation.
The position includes participation in research activities within ongoing national and international projects (especially Glocalflex or ASCEND), publishing high quality academic papers and presenting results at conferences. 
Proficiency in programming ideally (in Matlab or Python) and knowledge of specialized building simulation software (TRNSYS, Modelica, IDA-ICE, EnergyPlus, etc.) is an advantage.
The suitable candidate has an active knowledge of the English language (written and verbal) and excellent presentation skills.
Languages: ENGLISH
Level: Excellent

Additional Information
Benefits: Salary CZK 62 000 per month
Selection proces: Applications will be assessed by a committee, based on documents sent by applicants. The mentor has a strong vote in the selection process.

To apply for the CTU Global Postdoc Fellowship you need the following documents in English:

  • CV, including list of publications (max. 4 pages). At least three IF (Impact Factor. We follow the Web of Science Journal Citation Reports)  journal publications are expected. Papers accepted for publication yet waiting to be printed do count if a proof of acceptance is provided.
  • Motivation letter (max. 2 pages).
  • PhD certificate (copy).
  • A cover letter (See Application for CTU Global Postdoc Fellowship form)
  • You may attach other documents supporting your application such as recommendation letters etc.

Apply via email to: and
Mentor: MSc. Sofiane Kichou, Ph.D. (University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings, Laboratory of Photovoltaic Systems and Energetics):