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Laboratory of Heat Pumps

About the Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with a double box for testing heat pumps with heat capacity ranging from 3 to 50 kW. It allows to test ground-water, water-water and air-water heat pumps as well as to test specific devices with a refrigerant cycle. For inspection of cooling devices in real operation, the ClimaCheck analyzer is available

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Ing. Tomáš Straka, Ph.D.
+420 724 324 445
tomas [dot] straka [at] cvut [dot] cz

Information leaflet

Activities (R&D, testing)

  • Testing of conventional heat pumps according to EN 14511, EN 14825, energy labelling

  • Development and testing of advanced arrangements of heat pump and cooling units with increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact

  • Detailed mathematical modeling of heat pumps and their integration into thermal systems

  • In-situ inspection and diagnostics of heat pumps using the ClimaCheck analyzer

  • Energetic-economic optimization of heat pumps applications in buildings

  • Performance testing of water heaters (standby loss, weekly demand for specific hot water profile, energy labelling)


  • Multi-purpose climate chamber (test box) with two separated rooms

  • Interior box (3,5 × 3,0 × 2,6 m) with double wall for preserving the extreme climatic conditions: –20 °C / +30 °C

  • Exterior box (2,8 × 4,1 × 3,5 m) with the possibility of connecting to the interior box

  • Two separate testing loops for testing ground, water and air source heat pumps with the heat capacity from 3 to 15 kW and from 13 to 50 kW

  • Portable analyzer of heat pumps and cooling devices for function and performance diagnostics during operation

  • Thermostat unit (cooling 5 kW) with temperature stability of chilled water 0,01 K

  • Emulator of repeatable hot water load profile (S, M, L) for water heater testing (laboratory, in-situ)