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Laboratory of Personalized Telemedicine

Development of telemedicine technologies in the real environment of a flat

The laboratory of the “Living lab” type connects scientists, doctors, producers and users of assisting technologies and other eHealth tools themselves. In other words, these are experts from the area of HW and SW development, telemedicine and home care. The laboratory itself is a barrier­free studio apartment where the developed technologies can be tested in practical life. The basis is the intelligent wiring that allows full interaction with the flat.

More information:

Ing. Karel Hána, Ph.D.
+420 224 358 425
Ing.Vít Janovský
+420 224 356 734
plt [at] uceeb [dot] cz

Information leaflet

Main Activities of the Laboratory

  • Development of HW and SW tools of personalized telemedicine

  • Usability lab – testing and evaluation of usability not only of medical devices in home environment

  • Living lab – acquisition of values from the test operation in the real environment of a flat

  • Support of cooperation among scientists, doctors, commercial sphere and users of assisting technologies and other eHealth tools themselves with the purpose of education and creation of new topics of interdisciplinary coope­ration

  • Cooperation with industrial partners on the development of new technologies

  • Cooperation with partners abroad on putting the research into practice


  • Laboratory of the Living lab type – studio apartment with modern equipment

  • Intelligent system of house control Foxtrot

  • System for mobile monitoring of physiological parameters of a person

  • Barrier­free design and equipment of the flat Electric adjustable bed for home care Equipment for HW and SW development

  • Tools for testing and evaluation of the benefits of assistive technologies

  • Installed innovations in the field of Smart Home