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Laboratory of Photovoltaic Systems and Energetics

The Laboratory of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
and Energetics consists of two parts.

Its first part is the experimental site equipped with instruments for testing the operation of different types of PV systems and for the development of new components and system solutions. Strong emphasis is put on the operation of the system as a whole, its real operational conditions and its capabilities of controlling and monitoring.

The second part is the Laboratory of Photovoltaic Inver­ters which belongs to the accredited Laboratory of Photovoltaic Systems Diagnostics (LDFS) at the FEE of CTU.

More information:

Ing. Petr Wolf, Ph.D.
+420 224 356 751
photovoltaics [at] uceeb [dot] cz

Information leaflet


  • Simulator of PV field with maximum output of 20 kW (1000 V / 20 A) capable of static as well as dynamic simulation of the electric output of PV modules according to set ope­rational conditions (intensity of radiation, temperature, shielding)

  • Exact analyzer of output ZIMMER LMG 670 for measuring and recording of electrical quantities

  • Assembly of three programmable loads ZSAC for AC as well as DC load with the output up to 5,2 kW

  • Experimental PV field with the output of 2,5 kWp and an assembly for the verification of behavior of hybrid systems in real conditions

Primary Activities of the Laboratory

  • Analyzing the behavior, collecting data and prediction of yield of PV systems

  • Analyzing and monitoring the behavior of hybrid PV systems

  • Design of PV systems for mobile applications

  • Testing the PV inverters