M.Sc. Soňa Nosková

Marketing and PR
Telefon: +420 723 035 294
E-mail: sona.noskova@cvut.cz

Soňa Nosková studied sociology and translation (FJ) at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. After completing her studies, she started her own business. So far, she has participated in the preparation or implementation of various European projects (among them Creative Cities under the leadership of the British Council Czech Republic or the candidacy of the city of Pilsen for the European Capital of Culture 2015, where she was the main editor of the application). She joined the CTU UCEEB in September 2019 as the communication manager of the international LC Districts Interreg Europe project, and from November 2021 she is engaged in marketing and PR of the research center. In his free time, he works on translations from AJ and FJ.