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  • The CTU's University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) is an opportunity to show that innovative thinking and interdisciplinary approach is the best way to develop surprisingly simple but efficient sustainable building solutions. We aim to be the dream workplace for the most capable students, an inspirational environment for experienced scientists with international reputation and a sought-after partner for commercial companies.
  • The UCEEB combines the best professionals, who regard every building as a whole and can think of its every detail together. We want to implement the results of our research in everyday life and further our field, so we proactively seek commercialisation opportunities. 
  • The UCEEB has ambitions to become the most advanced entity of its kind in the Czech Republic: we have an enthusiastic team, international connections, cutting-edge technical equipment and an exceptionally interesting subject with a promising future. We have a potential to join similar institutions in Europe and the wider world and we want to use this potential to its maximum.