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Intelligent lighting fixture will supervise the quality of interior environment


A tubular lighting fixture equipped with sensors for measuring the indoor air quality was created in cooperation with Sans Souci company and the University Centre for Energy Efficient Building CTU in Prague.

The tubular lighting fixture consists of a pair of CCT LED strips, the one is oriented downwards as the main direct lighting and the second upward for diffusive lighting. It is possible to set both lighting intensity and color temperature independently for both strips using the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) interface. A unique feature of the lightning module is using of a single commercially available DALI RGBW controller with one DALI address, while conventionally at least two addresses would be used.

The main added value to the intelligent lighting fixture is the sensor head placed at the end of the glass tube, which allows measuring basic parameters of indoor air quality. The measured values comprise temperature, relative humidity, concentrations of CO2, organic volatile compounds, dust particles, and also detection of smoke and the occupancy of the room.

The DALI interface with second address was chosen for easy integration of this head into the superior system for reading the measured parameters. The whole intelligent lighting fixture is thus connected using two cables – power supply (24V) and data (DALI), which also serve for fastening the light module to the ceiling. It is also possible to connect to the lighting fixture using Wi-Fi and display the measured values on a webserver.