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Quality Public Construction: KVAS


The project KVAS focuses on improving the quality of public construction projects with an emphasis on their preparátory phase. The goal is to present municipalities with a web tool that will guide them through the process of Planning and procurement in a Construction project, help them engage experts and local stakeholders, and support their informed decision-making.

The project is carried out by an interdisciplinary team, whose members guarantee individual aspects of Construction projects: Processes & legislation, architecture & urbanism, energy & indoor environment, participation & communication, and territorial economics & building economics. In addition, the project has three cross-cutting themes: sustainable construction, quality-based procurement and the building life cycle. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The project combines the input from expert analysis, revision of implemented projects and on the needs and experience of selected target groups. The team engages municipalities with the support of the National Network of Healthy Cities, which is the application guarantor of the project. In the first phase of the project, a series of surveys, interviews and workshops were held with representatives of cities, representatives of contractors and architects, and with representatives of state administration and city organizations. Individual parts of the methodology are tested in pilot projects – one in Čelákovice and the second in the village of Bašť.

The main outputs of the project is an interactive web that will guide municipalities through the preparation of the construction project, including key decisions, activities and their outputs. The project offers a library of downloadable templates and examples of good practice. Another output is a policy paper serving as feedback for relevant policymakers.

Project presentation (PowerPoint)

Project presentation (YouTube)