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The WAVE 120 Micro-power-plant Is In Test Operation


A prototype of the WAVE 120 biomass micro-cogeneration device was turned into test mode operation. Device is integrated to the energy system of building of the CTU, University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings in Buštěhrad. Wave 120 is more powerful version of the container-based boiler house for woodchips named WAVE 50 which is being successfully operated for the second heating season in Mikolajice near Opava, Czech Republic.

The team of the Laboratory of Organic Rankine Cycles and their Applications (LORCA) leaded by Jakub Maščuch managed to achieve the projected parameters of 120 kW of heat output and 6 kW of net electric output (after covering own consumption of the device). The container-based boiler house WAVE 120 is prepared for “Ecodesign” certification that should take place by the end of April 2020. This year, starting the pilot operation of four devices of this type is expected; they should provide heat and electricity to sawmill.