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Jan Plšek

facilities manager

I work as facilities manager.
My previous experience as car electronics, mechanics and electrics diagnostician and repairer taught me perfect technical thiking that helps me to solve various technical problems and to understand technological equipment in UCEEB. It also gives me the ability to administer the technological equipment in UCEEB and to carry out many other technical activities.
I passed training courses for crane operators and slingers, fork-lift trucks end many more.
I like to compensate all the stress and weariness from those different job activities with MMA fighting and playing and training high-level military airsoft.
My desire is to be as useful as possible made me interested in knowledge and ability to give first aid. I passed several first aid trainings, including a two-day training with other colleagues from UCEEB.  

Member of team: Administration
Email: jan [dot] plsek [at] cvut [dot] cz
Phone: +420 778 439 407