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prof. Ing. Petr Hájek, CSc.

senior researcher

From the beginning of the UCEEB I was appointed to be a head of Research Programme Architecture and Environment. The main focus of this research programme is integration of sustainable principles into research, development and design on buildings. It represents wide spectrum of technical problems focused to complex quality of buildings covering maximal quality of internal environment, reduction of negative environmental impacts of construction and operation of buildings, while economy efficiency is considered. My long-term focus in the research area is environmental optimization of concrete structures, use of high performance and recycled materials and assessment of buildings from the whole life cycle perspective and complex quality. Connection of technical innovation in material research with complex quality assessment represents basic innovation potential in development of buildings for sustainable life of future generation. 

Email: petr [dot] hajek [at] fsv [dot] cvut [dot] cz
Phone: +420 224 357 179, +420 739 028 773