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Control and monitoring of intelligent buildings

Head of team: Ing. Robert Wawerka, Ph.D.

Head of department for Control and monitoring of intelligent buildings

Phone: 777 078 403,224 356 751


Laboratory of Photovoltaic Systems and Energetics Laboratory of
Laboratory of Electronic

Research team

Team leader: Ing. Jan Včelák, Ph.D.

Deputy team leader: Ing. Petr Wolf, Ph.D.

We do

  • Sensor networks design
  • Development of unique and complete sensor systems, including the processing of signal and data
  • Electronic and control elements/instrumentation proposal
  • Modeling and monitoring of building users’ long-term behavior in relation to a mathematical model and its effects to the appropriate management of the HVAC systems (creation and identification of the model)
  • Long-term nondestructive diagnostics of structures for diverse materials
  • Database systems - data storage and data presenting of buildings or industrial processes
  • Implementation of systems that adapt the energy consumption according to the actual state and price of the grid or renewable sources available
  • Solar hybrid power systems design and construction
  • Predictive control systems proposal combining intelligent energy storage and use
  • Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) inspection of building sites, search for cavities and cracks, archeological research, etc.
  • Thermal performance diagnostics of buildings through advanced Thermal Imaging Technology
  • Power losses identification of machines or other components via Magnetic Scanning (magnetic survey)



  • Laboratory for the design, implementation and debugging of electronic and sensor systems
  • 3D printing press center - for functional samples, packaging of electronic and electromechanical components
  • GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar to inspect building elements, archaeological survey, search of communications cabling, search of cavities, etc.
  • Thermal imaging camera – precise thermal imaging system for monitoring equipment heat flow, biological processes, inspection of building envelopes, etc.
  • Equipment set for diagnosing and building inspecting
  • Hybrid Solar System for the development of systems which optimize the energy performance of buildings
  • Equipment set for the development of sensors based on optical FBG (fiber Bragg grating)

Developed technologies/products:

System for continuous moisture and humidity monitoring in wooden buildings

Monitoring of mechanical stress on glued laminated timber structures

Prediction service of sunlight intensity for solar power plants 
georadar termokamera 3D tiskárna Dům U9 fotovoltaika střecha