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Quality of indoor environment

Research team

Team leader: Ing. Daniel Adamovský, Ph.D.

Deputy team leader: Ing. Martin Kny, Ph.D.
  • We focus on the quality (health, safety and comfort) of interior climate for users of energy efficient buildings.

    Our approach is multi-disciplinary and includes three main areas:
  • development and design of advanced technical devices for provision of high-quality interior climate
  • research and development of medical assistance systems for monitoring of biological and technical parameters in intelligent buildings
  • development of intelligent composite nano systems and materials for medicinal and technical application (detection of harmful substances, monitoring of interior climate, etc.).       



  • Parallel test cabin for testing of building technology systems with controlled outside environment
  • Hybrid ventilation system with solar chimney
  • Test line for small air-handling units and components
  • Intelligent room with a personal medical system
  • Laboratory for research and development of nano materials with antimycotic and antibacterial properties
  • Electrical and force spinners
  • Thermal manikin
  • Instruments for metering and monitoring of thermal comfort and analysis of air quality
  • PIV - Particle Image Velocimetry
  • Computer cluster for CFD simulations