Pilot installation

The pilot installion was completed in the beginning of June 2015. The samples are mounted on the southern testing field at the UCEEB facility in Buštěhrad, CZ. The different dimensional or cladding alternatives’ feasibility was tested.

Testing the Envilop fire

The Envilop fire sample proved the fire resistance of EI(I>O) 60 DP3 a EI(I<O) 90 DP3 during the tests!

Envilop fire tests and development

The variant was developed during 2015; it has better fire resistance qualities while using similar elements as standard Envilop.

Passive Houses Conference 2014

The Envilop was presented at the Passive Houses Conference in Brno during autumn 2014.

Envilop is a curtain wall system based on the wood. Lightweight exterior wall module system was developed under the project Intelligent Buildings (CZ.1.05/3.1.00/13.0283) Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation which is funded by the EU and the government of the Czech Republic.

Envilop can be used as a substitution for old, metallic light-weight curtain walls used on buildings from the sixties of the twentieth century in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Envilop concept is protected by utility model PUV 2013-28513 owned by University Center of Energy Efficient Buildings of Technical University in Prague.

The commercial licence to Envilop  will be offered to the public during summer 2015. The future producer will obtain all the documents, acredited tests results and the technical support by UCEEB.


Integrated elements

Envilop has integrated wooden structure which allows to hide window frame form the exterior or system solution of electric – driven window blinds. Also, the photovoltaic panels (as the final cladding) or air ventilation unit integration is possible.


Progressive materials

There was a number of special quality materials based on wood used for Envilop: main frame is made of laminated veneer timber, the outer covering is made of hard wood fibre board; the external elements in the contact with the weather is made from heat treated Thermowood without need of maitenance. Thermal bridgers are minimized by usage of cork, aerogel or vacuum insulation.



Maximal prefabrication

Envilop is optimized fot automated CNC production, the possibility of mounting without need of scaffolding . The connections of panels is filled with the elastic sealing, which allows the expansion moves of the panels.


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