Active mineral admixtures and related durability properties of Portland cement-based concretes

Registration number: LTC18063
Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
Solver: Ing. Pavel Reiterman, PhD.
Start: 01.06. 2018
End: 29.09. 2020

The project proposal is aimed at monitoring the properties of concretes with the addition of mineral admixtures, the activation of which is primarily based on the reaction with the hydration products of Portland cement, in relation to their long-term durability. The secondary reaction of admixtures can be significantly supported by the formation of cracks caused by the effect of frost, which in practice is manifested by an increasing index of frost resistance, as proven by a number of practical experiences. The main subject of the project will therefore be the advanced study of the secondary activation of mineral admixtures due to the effect of the surrounding environment, as a mechanism that can be used for the development of new so-called "self-healing" technologies. The methodical procedure for studying the development of long-term properties over time and the intensive confrontation of results within the given COST Action will also significantly contribute to the creation of a proposal and the harmonization of the methodology for the exact assessment of the effectiveness of these new technologies.