Advanced design methods for key elements of multi-storey timber buildings

Registration number: LUC23080
Provider: MŠMT ČR – Program Inter excellence
Solver: Ing. Petr Hejtmánek, Ph.D.
Start: 01.09. 2023
End: 30.09. 2025

Project focuses mainly on shear walls of taller timber buildings, where connecting and anchoring of wall elements will be investigated together, on fire safety, namely on façade fire spread risks and escape routes on those buildings and project will also address sensor integration into timber elements as early detection system of fire/overheating and other variables. The output will be state-of-art report, seminars, impacted articles, peer-reviewed articles in Czech professional journals, functional samples and contribution to the Design Guide. The project activities can be divided into three complementary interconnected parts. Part A is devoted to the design of anchorage elements for the reinforcing walls of multi-storey wooden buildings, which will be verified by large-scale mechanical tests. Part B is dedicated to the design of the fire belt for timber structural systems, the effectiveness of which will be verified both by mathematical models and medium-scale fire tests. Part C aims to develop integrated sensors in timber constructions to detect increased temperature, in the final phase it will be verified in the medium-scale fire tests of Part B.