Cogeneration unit WAVE

Service offer
In cooperation with an external company, we deliver turnkey unique WAVE equipment for the production of electricity and heat from biomass.

The certified technology is capable of producing 50–500 kW of heat and 4–24 kW of electricity even from low-quality wood chips. Its operation is fully automatic, including ash removal and ignition. In addition, it can work without connecting to an electrical network and, thanks to the container solution, requires only minimal construction preparations for installation, so it can be placed practically anywhere.

We offer a 24/7 remote monitoring service for WAVE equipment, thanks to which any potential problems can be detected and resolved before they become operational.

WAVE is designed to be able to replace virtually any heat source with an interesting return:
  • natural gas,
  • biomass,
  • coal,
  • LTO,
  • LPG,
  • electricity.




Cogeneration unit WAVE 120

Biomass cogeneration unit with a thermal output of 120 kW and an electrical output of 6 kW.

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