Educational workshop for planning public spaces

Service offer

The purpose of this educational activity is to convey to those interested why it is important to pay attention to public spaces, how to approach the planning of their transformation, who to invite to the process, who to turn to and what to discuss with them.

Offer includes:

  • a half-day meeting for representatives of one or more municipalities,
  • a step-by-step presentation of the public space planning process,
  • evaluation of one selected public space together with an urban planner and a sociologist,
  • help with the wording of the assignment part that should come from the municipality,
  • consultation with an urban planner and sociologist.

The participants of the workshop will get an overview of the transformation of public spaces, practical tips for improving public spaces demonstrated on practical examples, recommendations of a sociologist to involve the public in the transformation of not only public spaces.

In case of special requests or other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.