Light wood-based panel-type exterior cladding
Vybaveni/Envilop_Ryszawy.jpg Envilop is a proposal for a lightweight panel-type exterior cladding solution based on wood. The light envelope was designed as part of the Intelligent Buildings project (CZ.1.05/3.1.00/13.0283) from the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovations of the Ministry of Education and Culture, which is financed by the EU and the state budget of the Czech Republic.

Envilop can serve as a replacement for the so-called Boletic panels, used since the sixties of the twentieth century. Also for new construction of buildings with a non-load-bearing perimeter shell, typically smaller civic buildings.

We also developed Envilop fire and Envilop acoustic.

The Envilop concept is protected by the utility model of the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Perimeter Envilop:
  • the dimensional solution of the perimeter cladding panels for building modernization corresponds to the original division,
  • system completed with plinth and attic panels,
  • the width of the panels can be arbitrary (usually from 0.6 to 1.5 m),
  • contact of panels at the level of the parapet for easy control of the removal of parts without the use of scaffolding,
  • panels can be solid opaque or translucent with integrated window filler,
  • minimized thermal bridges in the structure.


A non-exclusive license to manufacture the Envilop system is offered. The license holder receives all design documents, results of accredited tests and authorization to handle the protected technical solution.

The current licensee is Subterra, as and Woodrise, sro

About the result

Integration of elements: Envilop has an integrated wooden structure, which allows to perform frameless glazing when viewed from the outside, system integration of external blinds with motor drive. There is also the option of integrating photovoltaic panels as facade cladding or the option of integrating an under-sill ventilation unit with recuperation.

Progressive materials: On Envilop, wood-based materials with special properties were used: panel frame made of laminated veneers with high load-bearing capacity, outer structural shell made of thin rigid diffused fiberboard, wooden elements in contact with the external environment made of maintenance-free Thermowood thermally treated wood, thermal bridges are minimized by cork, airgel or vacuum insulation.

Maximum prefabrication: Envilop is optimized for automated production on CNC machine tools, the possibility of assembly without additional scaffolding, the solution of the joints between the panels is by means of flexible seals, which allows dilatation movements of the panels.