Farrukh Waheed

E-mail: waheefar@cvut.cz

Farrukh Waheed received his B.S. degree in electronics in 2007 and M.S. degree in electronics engineering with specialization in control systems engineering in 2014, both from Pakistan. He has recently finalized and submitted his PhD dissertation with FS CTU, titled:  “Time-Varying MPC of Underactuated Systems Based on Dynamics Decomposition and Laguerre Functions”. He is awaiting his thesis defense. Prior to getting transferred to UCEEB in 2023, he worked as a full-time Researcher with the IEAP, CTU in Detectors and Hardware group for almost 5 years where he was a part of projects like INAFYM and MICADO. He has more than 15 years of experience working as electronics engineer in aerospace and scientific domains. At UCEEB, his work is focused on Batteries Thermal Management Systems (BTMS) design, optimization and working out control-oriented solutions for their functional safety and performance in various operational scenarios for the traction batteries in the transportation systems.  

His research interests include system design and integration, mechatronics, scientific instrumentation, microcontroller-based system design and integration, vacuum instrumentation, model-based system design, model predictive control, nonlinear model predictive control, and robust control and optimization techniques.