Feasibility study for industrial enterprises

Service offer

We advise businesses to find savings in production technologies that usually represent the vast majority of their consumption. In this way, we can help already existing plants to design an energy concept for upcoming operations.

We have process engineers on the team, thanks to which we are able to cover a very wide range of technologies, such as:

  • breweries,
  • food plants,
  • production plants of building materials (brick plants, concrete plants, cement plants and thermal insulation plants),
  • metal processing (foundries, specialized plants for the processing of precious metals, tempering and tempering lines),
  • winter stadiums (design and optimization of energy facilities),
  • production enterprises in the automotive industry,
  • dryers (of any type),
  • waste processing and its (not only) energy use,
  • production of livestock feed,
  • design and optimization of cogeneration production,
  • heating plants, heating plants,
  • central heat supply network.

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