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UCEEB is a research institute with a wide range of fields. For us, the commercialization of research results, cooperation with industry and the development of an innovation culture are just as essential as research and education of young experts for practice. We focus on research with high application potential. We actively search for potential products in our research portfolio and offer them to specific companies. We have commercialization experts and are training others, with an emphasis on developing their management skills.

Increase your competitiveness and accelerate R&D and innovation with our expertise. Thanks to contract research, we help to increase the competitiveness of regional small and medium-sized enterprises. For experts and students across CTU, UCEEB is an extraordinary and welcome opportunity to connect different disciplines with the aim of building in the future smartly, energy-efficiently and in harmony with nature and man. All our research teams are led by experienced academics and research staff with international contacts.

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