Registration number: 8J24DE009
Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
Solver: Ing. Kateřina Sojková, Ph.D.
Start: 01.01. 2024
End: 31.12. 2025

The general aim is to obtain a set of objective information which can be used to better predict the overall performance of buildings with small thermal inertia in the passive standard. In a general view, this is a contribution to finding ways for sustainable construction in the urban environment, which includes ensuring user comfort at low energy demand and low environmental impact. The Living Lab offers a fully equipped basis to take advantage of the unique opportunity of having a very well-characterized facility with advanced elements of the building's technical equipment and measuring equipment enabling targeted experiments to be carried out. To reach these goals a set of actions is needed: A detailed identification of the differences between the measured and simulated properties of the building and its parts. Carrying out (repeated) so-called co-heating tests using different procedures and under different climatic conditions with the aim of verifying the applicability of direct use of one's own heating system (floor heating) and comparison with other procedures (separate electric heater). Measurement of other building-physical characteristics and comparison with simulation calculations of different complexity. Processing of results for teaching didactics in the professional subjects of architecture and construction.