Explore the online tool for assessing the sustainability of buildings

News, 03. 05. 2023

The SBToolCZ methodology is the only building sustainability assessment certification tool fully adapted to the Czech environment and legislation. From 2022 it is freely available to all users in electronic form on the internet. Registration is currently open for the spring online seminar, which will introduce those interested to sustainability in the building industry through SBToolCZ.

The European carbon neutrality target, the European Green Deal, but also the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) create a sustainability framework that is difficult to quantify without a methodological basis. In order to meet the above mentioned requirements, it is necessary to offer the general and professional public a procedure on how to design buildings sustainably. The solution is certification tools for sustainability assessment, of which there are several at international level. The national certification tool SBToolCZ is available directly for Czech conditions.

SBToolCZ is an independently developed and freely available certification tool, which is the only one based on the Czech environment and Czech legislation. SBToolCZ, like foreign systems, is based on the principle of the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, social and economic). It is a multi-criteria methodology, in which it is important to find a balance also in sometimes conflicting requirements. The documents for the certificate are prepared by an SBToolCZ authorised person, and the final certification is carried out by the certification body.

In 2022, an extensive revision of the national SBToolCZ building sustainability assessment methodology was completed. The methodology is currently freely available on the website for five typologies (office buildings, apartment buildings, single-family houses, school buildings and tertiary education buildings) at different stages of the building life cycle. The web interface itself is user-friendly and all necessary information and assessment procedures are freely available. From its original book form, which first appeared in 2011, SBToolCZ has thus been transformed into an easily accessible system that can respond more flexibly to changes in legislation and can be easily supplemented with additional typologies or criteria.

Building sustainability certification helps to reduce the negative environmental impacts of buildings by promoting the use of renewable energy sources, reducing water consumption, minimising waste production, etc. Sustainable buildings are designed to provide a better environment to live and work in, such as improved air quality, lighting or acoustic performance. Certification of sustainable buildings contributes to raising awareness of responsibility for our environment and strengthening conservation for future generations. Sustainability assessment can also be one of the tools to meet the requirements for socially and environmentally responsible public procurement as defined by Law 134/2016 Coll.

Are you interested in sustainability related to construction? Do you want to learn more about sustainability? Registration is currently open for the spring online seminar, which will introduce you to the multi-criteria issue of sustainability using the SBToolCZ methodology. After successfully passing the exam, you can become an SBToolCZ authorized person. You can find out more about the opportunities and conditions here.