Final presentation by Ludivine D.: Sunlight prediction using sky imaging

News, 27/07/2018

On Thursday, July 26, 2018, the French foreign intern Ludivine D gave a lecture "Solar irradiance prediction using skyimaging" on the grounds of our research center. Yesterday's speech concluded her five-month internship at UCEEB.

The presented topic was based on the prediction of solar radiation intensity, which is mainly intended for photovoltaic power plants in order to be able to predict the produced power in the following days. In recent years, the enlightenment forecast for PV systems has taken on a whole new dimension, as it is extremely important in terms of energy management and trading in the daily and intraday electricity market. Check out our PV Forecast product zde.

Not only Czech but also foreign scientists work at CTU UCEEB. For beginning and experienced foreign researchers and scientists, we try to create an attractive environment in a friendly team, where they can further develop their passion for science.