Hydronics 4.0 brings savings and fewer problems with heating

News, 07/01/2022

Watch a short video of our research team, in which they present their work and offer possible partners the possibility of using interesting innovations.

Our team Řídicích systémů a optimalizace applies innovations in the field of heating. It follows the American trends briefly summarized in the slogan "fewer pipes = less trouble". It has recently completed the development of a single pipe distribution system which has been proven in real-world measurements to be advantageous for use in commercial buildings and ideal for introducing cooling to old buildings.

The key advantage of the modern thermoregulation system HYDRONICS 4.0 is its ability to measure heat without the use of flow meters. Powerful microprocessors and maintenance-free pumps with wet rotors enable remote diagnostics, precise regulation and measurement of consumption. The exceptionality of this technology is also evidenced by several Czech and foreign patents by which it is protected. Our top experts are ready to cooperate with new partners. Come innovate with u?!?br />
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKY22zSg4cg&t=1s