IoT sensors developed in the CTU UCEEB laboratories have passed certification

News, 28/03/2019

The indoor environment quality sensor IAQ 03 and the device WMR 04 for remote reading of water meters, which were developed in the laboratories of Bustěhrad by experts from the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU, were successfully certified on December 12, 2018 by České Radiokomunikace for operation in the LoRaWAN network. The advantage of the IAQ 03 sensor is that it is one of the few devices that monitors several parameters of the indoor environment at the same time. Currently, the sensors are used for monitoring the internal environment of elementary schools in Kladno.

The radio communications workers mainly checked the communication parameters of the devices. The certificate, which CTU UCEEB received in mid-December, is valid indefinitely. After a successful certification process, the IAQ 03 and WMR 04 sensors will now reach the sales network of Czech Radiocommunications.

IAQ Sensor

The IAQ 03 sensor measures several quantities at once. In addition to the concentration of carbon dioxide, it continuously records temperature, humidity, pressure or the concentration of organic volatile substances. In the IAQ 03 version, the quantity of the concentration of solid particles in the classes PM2.5 and PM10 is also available. An extension with an illumination sensor and a version with an LCD display are under development. The sensors send the acquired data to cloud storage and can communicate via WiFi and the LoRaWAN wireless network. Thanks to the possibility of using wireless and wired communication technologies, the device can work in different modes of operation.

In developing the IAQ sensor, University Center experts used some of the most accurate digital components for temperature and humidity measurement currently on the market. The carbon dioxide concentration is monitored by an optical infrared sensor resistant to long-term value drift.

"Intelligent sensors can be connected to the building automation system, used as a direct indication of the state of the indoor environment, or directly used to automatically control the air handling unit. In this way, not only energy savings can be effectively achieved, but also a healthy indoor environment can be ensured," adds Jan Včelák, head of the Smart Building Monitoring and Management Department at the Czech Technical University UCEEB.

WMR Device

The WMR device intended for remote reading of water meters is installed as an additional device to existing water meters. Thanks to exchangeable plastic attachment modules, the sensor is compatible with most installed water meters. Its great advantage is that there is no need to interfere with the existing wiring and there is no need for a 230 V socket. The device is ready to work on a battery for at least 12 years. This doubles the interval for changing the water meter. The LoRaWAN network is also available in remote shafts and cellars. In addition to data on water consumption, the device also warns of excessive or non-standard intake and backflow.

The detectors will find use in family homes and public buildings that emphasize energy efficiency, safety and indoor air quality. The city of Kladno, in cooperation with experts from UCEEB, started testing certified sensors in several schools. In the future, they could find application in the Smart city concept, which uses modern communication, digital and information technologies to increase the quality of life in cities.