It doesn't matter what you breathe

News, 21/01/2022

Watch a short video of our Electronic Systems and Diagnostics research team, in which they present their work and offer possible partners the possibility of using interesting innovations.

We spend most of our time in closed rooms. The air quality in them cannot be evaluated objectively by human senses, and therefore it is often very low, even though it is crucial for our health and performance. It is therefore necessary to measure it and then positively influence it with the help of technology. We have therefore developed the IAQ system and are engaged in the development of innovative air handling units that combine the knowledge of our experts in the fields of electronics, mechanics, software and communication technologies.

The intelligent sensor is able to monitor all important indoor air quality parameters. It evaluates these and the specially designed air-conditioning system controls the supply of fresh air according to the measured parameters. We are constantly developing and patenting our technologies not only in the Czech Republic, but also within Europe. Our research does not end in the laboratory. We will bring the products to the stage of commercial application on the market. Bring your idea to life with us and we can guide you through the entire process of development and practical application. Thanks to years of experience, we are also in an easier position to secure grant funding.

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