Listen to an interview about sustainability and competitive superstructure at Větrník dormitories

News, 28/12/2021

Eliška Pomyjová from ČVUT UCEEB sat down at the microphone in the TZB-info studio to talk about sustainable construction, construction requirements and the FIRSTLIFE project, which is based on students' ideas and visions of accommodation in dormitories and first housing, in the Overtime program , with which the students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University participate in the Solar Decathlon Europe international competition.

“The Solar Decathlon Europe competition is wonderful in that the students are there from start to finish and participate across disciplines. Compared to the year 2013, the urban context, work with the community and social context are now a new part, which I am very happy about. That is also why we located the project on the Větrník dormitory. We thus have the opportunity to comment on current student housing in Prague. Almost everyone from the team lived or lives in dormitories, and many of us also have experience in dormitories abroad. And in the proposal, they work with how it could be better and more dignified, with better consequences for the community," said Eliška Pomyjová in rozhovoru, který si můžete celý přehrát na webu TZB-info.

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