Modern methods against losses in the heat distribution network

News, 10/10/2019

The CTU University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings is working on a mathematical model as part of a contract for the ČEZ Teplárenská company, which will contribute to more effective management and control of the state of the centralized heat supply network.

Heat losses play a significant role in the economic efficiency of all district heating (DH) projects. For ČEZ Teplárenskou therefore, we mathematically model the existing heat distribution networks, including the influence of pipe laying, outdoor temperature, solar radiation, age of distribution, type of insulation, etc.

We verify the mathematical model with the existing system of measurements at individual transfer stations of the heat network and by deploying additional measurements at distribution sections. The result will be a model that better describes the heat losses of the distribution system and takes into account the local climatic conditions for the purposes of managing and checking the state of the CZT network. Its practical benefit should be noticeably more efficient functioning of the heat distribution network and the corresponding financial savings.