Our scientist won the Werner von Siemens Award

News, 24/05/2022
For the twenty-fourth time, the Czech branch of the Siemens concern has awarded prizes for the best works, projects and personalities in the field of technical and natural sciences. This year, CTU UCEEB scientific and research worker and former doctoral student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of CTU Nikola Pokorný was also among the awardees.

This year's Werner von Siemens Awards were selected by expert juries from 568 applications. Nikola Pokorný won in the Best Thesis category on the subject of Smart Infrastructure and Energy with his dissertation entitled Glazed Liquid Photovoltaic Thermal Collector.

The Werner von Siemens Award is one of the most important independent initiatives of its kind in the Czech Republic due to its scope, amount of financial rewards and history. It is organized by Siemens together with important representatives of universities and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, who are also the guarantors of the individual categories and participate in the evaluation of the best works. This year, 56 experts and representatives of the academic community and non-profit organizations sat in the independent juries. The patronage of the 24th annual awards was provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The partners of the competition are Siemens Mobility s.r.o. and Siemens Advanta.

Podívejte se na fotogalerii z předávání cen (zdroj: https://gallery.berghauer.cz/siemensceny2021/).