Our system guards the hall of the Kladno Knights

News, 08/08/2019

The stadium of the Rytíři Kladno hockey club is technically outdated and does not meet modern requirements. The building is under the supervision of Excon structural engineers, who use a system designed and installed by scientists from the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU to monitor the stability of its roof structure.

The municipality of Klagenfurt has prepared funds for the necessary reconstruction of the roof covering and technological background of the outdated winter stadium. However, the city representatives would like to carry out a complete reconstruction of the entire building, for which they are trying to get additional money in the order of hundreds of millions of crowns. Therefore, they are preparing to request an extension of the operating exemption so that the Knights can play the entire upcoming season undisturbed at home, after which repairs are expected to begin.

The roof of the stadium is currently fully stabilized and nothing prevents the much-awaited matches of the Kladno Knights in the hockey extraleague to start on the ice surface on September 13, 2019. However, it is not excluded that the condition of the structure will require earlier construction intervention. The object is therefore under the supervision of Excon structural engineers, who use a monitoring system developed in the Bustěhrad laboratories of the Czech Technical University UCEEB. For accurate measurements at critical points, strain gauges and laser rangefinders are used, which are complemented by external and internal temperature sensors and meteorological stations recording the strength and direction of the wind.

"Sensitive sensors monitor the movements of the steel structure twenty-four hours seven days a week. Any deviation from the permitted values would be immediately reported by the system to the stadium's engine room, where there is a permanent operator, and at the same time it would also send the information via SMS to the selected responsible persons. If there was a greater load on the structure, which could happen, for example, in winter with excessive snow, the system would even trigger an audible warning, which would be a signal for the need to close the stadium and to intervene more quickly to eliminate the problem," the director explains the principles of current security monitoring Josef Poláček winter stadium.