Radegast brewed beer from our water

News, 31. 08. 2023

The brewery in Nosovice has brewed a limited batch of Futur lager. For its production, they used water obtained from air humidity using technology developed by scientists from the CTU UCEEB. This symbolic step is part of Radegast's long-term activities to draw public attention to the issue of water loss in the landscape.

The EWA device, which produced the water for beer production, was developed thanks to the collaboration between the CTU UCEEB and KARBOX company as one of the successors to the S.A.W.E.R. system for producing water from desert air. Compared to its larger and more powerful older sisters, it has the advantage of smaller size and easy mobility. Thanks to these features, it can serve, for example, as an emergency source of water in the desert, where it can produce 25 to 35 litres per day, while in an environment with normal humidity it can produce up to 70 litres in the same time.

It is from the water obtained from the EWA device that Radegast Futur lager has been brewed, which is characterised by a very high bitterness of over 60 IBUs. However, most beer fans will not be able to taste it because the batch was brewed in a limited volume of only 200 litres and will not be widely available. The main aim of its creators was to draw attention to the need to reduce water consumption and protect water resources. Since 2015, Radegast has invested more than CZK 7 million in projects aimed at retaining water in the landscape.