Realization of the unique Envilop wooden envelope during the reconstruction of the Českobrodská Secondary School in Prague

News, 11/02/2022

The Envilop system is a fully prefabricated light perimeter shell, which was created at the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU in Prague. It is intended for replacement of already outdated light exterior cladding (Boletic panels), but also for new modern buildings.

The system is mainly made of advanced wood-based materials. Thanks to this, its ecological and carbon footprint is 96% lower than a conventional solution. This also contributed to the fact that the building was the first to receive the gold certificate of the comprehensive building quality assessment tool SBToolCZ.

The production took place with the help of precise CNC technologies and under constant conditions in the production plant of the company Nema s.r.o. Thanks to this, high accuracy and quality of the delivered product was achieved. The Envilop thermal technical solution is basically designed for passive and zero-emission houses with a panel heat transfer coefficient of U=0.17 W/m2.K.

The building of SŠ Českobrodská is unique in that during its renovation, thanks to the constructions and technologies used, an energy plus standard was achieved. However, the main advantage of the Envilop system is the speed of implementation on the construction site due to maximum prefabrication. Perimeter panels with dimensions of 3x3.6 m arrive at the construction site already complete with windows and facades. The panels weighing 500 kg are hung on the supporting structure of the building with the help of two steel rectification anchors. During construction, it was verified that it is possible to install up to 120 m2 of complete perimeter cladding in one day.

The building demonstrated the real possibility of implementing the Envilop system on large buildings (approx. 2000 m2). The experience gained helped to modify and simplify the system for further implementations.

The designer of the building is the company Ecoten, s.r.o., the realization company of the wooden panels is Nema s.r.o.

The technical solution and license of the Envilop enclosure is provided by the company Woodrise, s.r.o.

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