Rooms can be effectively disinfected with ozone

News, 08/03/2021

The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU experimentally tested the effectiveness of ozone disinfection of the indoor environment of buildings using the Ozone Clean UP generator manufactured by Health-City as

Disinfection of the building environment is a frequently discussed topic today. There are many methods of implementation, but their effectiveness remains a question. The Indoor Environment Quality team of CTU UCEEB experimentally tested one of them, namely ozone disinfection using the Ozone Clean UP generator.

In cooperation with the seller, the company Technofiber s.r.o., the air flow and the distribution of ozone concentration in the environment were analyzed. Air flow was described by means of particle laser anemometry in the immediate vicinity of the generator O3 and in the testing room. By local measurement at selected points, a concentration of O3 was recorded.

Airflow analysis confirmed sufficient airflow velocities and shape suitable for expansion O3 to the whole room. In the vicinity of the generator, a flow speed of up to 4.5 m/s was achieved, on the floor under the generator around 0.65 m/s. It follows that the falling stream of air with ozone from the generator is divided after contact with the floor and continues along it to other parts of the room. The direct reach of the current can be estimated at a minimum of 4 m.

Concentration measurements confirmed the appropriate distribution of ozone from one generator, where the minimum concentration suitable for disinfection (4 ppm) was achieved in the entire room of 153 m3 despite obstructions to flow caused by equipment. The lowest concentration in the room was measured at 5.6 ppm at the furthest point at a height of 1 m. Safe concentrations were found in the surrounding area of this room during control measurements.

It was interesting to find out that in an unventilated room ozone decomposition occurs one hour and forty-five minutes after the generator is turned off. After this time, the room became safe for people to stay again.