SAWER passed a harsh test in the desert

News, 12/12/2019

After a successful installation and test in the desert near the city of Sweihan in the United Arab Emirates, the first version of the SAWER system is about to return to the Czech Republic. Dismantling will take place in the first week of January, and at the beginning of February, the device should be back at its place of origin in the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU.

The experimental device showed that even in a desert environment, water can be produced from the air completely autonomously without the need for external energy. After stress tests and experience with installation in the desert, we already know what to improve and simplify so that the next versions do not cost us so much time and still work reliably. We assume that after the modifications we will send the SAWER on another trip to the desert.

With the ongoing work at the EXPO 2020 exhibition center in Dubai, the time is approaching for the installation of the second SAWER device, which will be integrated in the technology room of the Czech national pavilion. Currently, the sorption unit is already manufactured in the laboratories of the Czech Technical University UCEEB, where the entire system will be completed.

Experience from the Sweihan desert was used when designing the SAWER unit for the Czech pavilion. Its installation at the EXPO 2020 exhibition center is expected by the end of February. Compared to the device tested in the desert, this version will be bigger and more powerful. The produced water will be enriched with nutrients from a special photobioreactor and will be used to water the garden around the pavilion.

You can learn how to turn air into water and whether Czechs can return water to the desert from the video recording of a lecture by our colleague Vladimír Zmrhal, who explained in an interesting and understandable way how SAWER actually works, what we had to overcome during its development and what its future potential is. Přehrát video  

Foreign interested parties can read information about the SAWER system in English on the new website