SAWER quenches the thirst in the desert not only for plants, but also for people and animals

News, 17/10/2018

Private companies are also involved in the production of the system. Recently, scientists from CTU UCEEB connected the mineralization unit of the company EuroClean, which treats the obtained distilled water into drinking water. Saif Mubarak Al Marouei from Abu Dhabi, director of the company Bin Fadel Al Mazroei Ready Mix Est., came to Buštěhrad to test its quality. His company showed serious interest in a license to manufacture the SAWER

"Our system obtains distilled water, which can be stored better, but we have to modify it for further use," says Tomáš Matuška, who is in charge of the development of the SAWER system, "for plant irrigation, it is enriched with nutrients by a photobioreactor supplied by the Botanical Institute of the Academy of Sciences , it is turned into drinking water by a unit of the company EuroClean."

The devices were connected in the laboratories at UCEEB, where scientists are testing the mobile version of the SAWER system in a chamber simulating the atmospheric conditions of the United Arab Emirates.

"The water treatment plant first disinfects the water with the help of electrolysis, or rather UV radiation, because it may contain trace elements distilled with water from polluted air," explains Jaromír Šnajdr, director of the EuroClean company, "and then enriches it with sodium, magnesium and potassium, which creates high-quality and tasty drinking water according to world standards - but we could also add other elements and produce, for example, mineral water."

In addition to the general commissioner of the national participation in the EXPO, Saif Mubarak Al Mazrouei from Abu Dhabi, director of Bin Fadel Al Mazroei Ready Mix Est., who has already expressed interest in the license for the production of the SAWER system, tasted the first drinking water from the SAWER system


"The entire Persian Gulf needs water for people, animals and plants, especially where there are no roads," said Saif Mubarak Al Mazrouei, "I am so interested in the SAWER system that I am ready to try it on my land before the EXPO. “

For the Universal World Exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai, two versions of the SAWER system will be created - one will be part of the pavilion and with a capacity of 500 liters of water per day it will irrigate the oasis growing from the sand around the pavilion, the second - the already existing version - is fully mobile and can produce up to one hundred liters without infrastructure of water daily even from extremely dry air, for example in Riyadh.

"For me, this is an exemplary example of how the private sector is meaningfully involved in the preparation of the national participation in the Universal World Exhibition," adds General Commissioner Jiří F. Potužník, "other Czech companies will also be involved in the production of the SAWER system in the form of sponsor supplies, and the same will apply about the pavilion.”

The state released 160 million crowns for the Czech Republic's participation in EXPO 2020 in Dubai, another 70 million remained in the account of the Office of the General Commissioner after EXPO 2015 in Milan, and the general commissioner pledged to obtain investments of at least 40 million crowns from private companies.

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