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News, 02/12/2021

Several CTU UCEEB research teams have filmed short videos in which they present their activities and offer the possibilities of using interesting innovations in industry, construction, solar energy and in the administration of municipalities and cities. Check them out and come innovate with u?!?/strong>

All videos can be found on our Youtube channel UCEEB Buštěhrad.


Our Control Systems and Optimization team applies innovations in the field of heating. It follows the American trends briefly summarized in the slogan "fewer pipes = less trouble". It has recently completed the development of a single pipe distribution system which has been proven in real-world measurements to be advantageous for use in commercial buildings and ideal for introducing cooling to old buildings.

The key advantage of the modern thermoregulation system HYDRONICS 4.0 is its ability to measure heat without the use of flow meters. Powerful microprocessors and maintenance-free pumps with wet rotors enable remote diagnostics, precise regulation and measurement of consumption. The exceptionality of this technology is also evidenced by several Czech and foreign patents by which it is protected. Our top experts are ready to cooperate with new partners. Come innovate with u?!?

Laboratoř fotovoltaických systémů

With energy self-sufficiency, we try to set an example ourselves. In our headquarters, we use energy from the sun, and when it is not bright, a large battery helps us. We test different types of photovoltaic modules and batteries, but we have no problem getting out of the laboratory and measuring real systems in the field. We subject new technologies to demanding tests before recommending them further.

Together with our partners, we try new approaches and possibilities of using modern technologies in everyday life. Every Watt counts, so we go into the smallest details. We optimize solar systems using detailed illumination analyses, assess the compatibility and actual lifetime of their components, and advise our clients on how to efficiently store energy in batteries and use it for their own needs. We are not afraid of extreme conditions either. Our solar installations generate electricity and water in the desert. We also cooperate with the operators of the Czech scientific station in Antarctica. Visit our PV laboratory and use the full potential of solar energy.


We spend most of our time in closed rooms. The air quality in them cannot be evaluated objectively by human senses, and therefore it is often very low, even though it is crucial for our health and performance. It is therefore necessary to measure it and then positively influence it with the help of technology. We have therefore developed combined IAQ sensors and are engaged in the development of innovative air handling units that combine the knowledge of our experts in the fields of electronics, mechanics, software and communication technologies.

The intelligent sensor is able to monitor all important indoor air quality parameters. It evaluates these and the specially designed air-conditioning system controls the supply of fresh air according to the measured parameters. We are constantly developing and patenting our technologies not only in the Czech Republic, but also within Europe. Our research does not end in the laboratory. We will bring the products to the stage of commercial application on the market. Bring your idea to life with us and we can guide you through the entire process of development and practical application. Thanks to years of experience, we are also in an easier position to secure grant funding.

PV Forecast

Solar energy is great and readily available, but it's also very volatile. Its storage has its limits and is demanding on resources. Storing the obtained energy in batteries does not mean that there will actually be enough of it when we need it.

That's why we created a sunshine forecasting system, thanks to which we can estimate in advance the production of energy from the sun. With its help, we can make better use of the available battery storage capacity. We are at the forefront of photovoltaic innovation. We are ready to cooperate with you on new innovative projects.

Participativní plánování a design

Cities and society face challenges, the solution of which requires interdisciplinary cooperation, the practical application of the results of science and research, and the sharing of good practice. New technologies and innovative solutions must correspond to real needs and respect the context in which they enter. Our Participatory Planning and Design team can effectively involve key actors in the solution of research innovation projects, from needs mapping through solution design to verification in real conditions.

We apply the methods and knowledge of sociology, social psychology and economics, as well as practical experience in the areas of community energy, urban innovation, the transformation of public spaces and public participation. We combine proven methods such as interviews, design workshops, focus groups, interactive questionnaires and others, which we can also prepare online. Our team can help design successful innovations and lead key players through the change process.