Solar energy from A to Z

News, 15/01/2022

Watch a short video of our Photovoltaic Systems research team, in which it presents its activities and offers possible partners the possibility of using interesting innovations.

With energy self-sufficiency, we try to set an example ourselves. In our headquarters, we use energy from the sun, and when it is not bright, a large battery helps us. We test different types of photovoltaic modules and batteries, but we have no problem getting out of the laboratory and measuring real systems in the field. We subject new technologies to demanding tests before recommending them further.

Together with our partners, we try new approaches and possibilities of using modern technologies in everyday life. Every Watt counts, so we go into the smallest details. We optimize solar systems using detailed illumination analyses, assess the compatibility and actual lifetime of their components, and advise our clients on how to efficiently store energy in batteries and use it for their own needs. We are not afraid of extreme conditions either. Our solar installations generate electricity and water in the desert. We also cooperate with the operators of the Czech scientific station in Antarctica. Visit our PV laboratory and use the full potential of solar energy.

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