The CTU UCEEB building is part of the sustainable architecture exhibition

News, 11/08/2020

The Buštěhrad headquarters of the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU occupies an important position among the realizations presented at the exhibition entitled Aesthetics of Sustainable Architecture, which can be viewed by visitors to the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague until September 22, 2020.

The exhibition and the accompanying publication of the same name present sixty examples of Czech and foreign architecture with an ecological focus. In several categories, they demonstrate different positions that show the possible complexity of the approach to this topic: from urban strategies to the creation of landscape and public space, collective or private housing, commercial or social buildings to the conversion of unused buildings and the new construction of so-called brownfields, which is an important a tool to effectively limit the occupation of open land.

Among the Czech implementations, we can mention the Krkonoše Environmental Education Center by Petr Hájek or the new ČSOB headquarters building in Radlice by Marek and Štěpán Chalupová. The thirty foreign examples include, for example, the Helsingor Cultural District (BIG, AART Architects) or the Viennese example of the Lake City of Aspern (AllesWirdGut, Querkraft and others).

Among the Czech examples, the CTU University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings occupies an important position, in which the Laboratory of Building Thermal Technology is headed by Jan Tywoniak, who adds to the theme of the exhibition: "More advanced solutions usually require greater precision in all stages of construction preparation and implementation. Limiting the usually accepted poor quality can be interpreted as a necessary increase in costs. This is often incorrectly attributed to the effort to achieve a passive standard, to integrate systems working with renewable energies to a large extent..."

You can read more details about the exhibition on its webu  or portal.