The facade of the future is called POWERSKIN+

ČVUT UCEEB, within the international POWERSKIN+ project, focuses on the development of an innovative system of light exterior skins, which will actively contribute to the interior comfort and reduction of the carbon footprint of non-residential buildings.

The required properties of the facade system should be achieved by using highly efficient thermal insulation elements (vacuum thermal insulation), increasing the thermal capacity by means of state-changing materials, active hydraulic and photovoltaic systems, recycled battery storage and frames based on bio-composites.

The behavior of this system will be verified through both extensive simulations and measurements in real conditions on pilot installations in selected buildings. We are currently preparing the installation of measuring equipment for monitoring the reference condition before installing the POWERSKIN+ system.

The baseline measurement is planned for a total of 18 months and focuses on:

  • temperature behavior of the building envelope - measurement of surface temperatures and heat flux density
  • solar behavior of translucent parts - measurement of the amount of solar radiation transmitted to the interior
  • inner comfort of users – measurement of mean radiation temperature, relative humidity and air temperature, illumination of the working plane

    In combination with the measurement of external boundary conditions, the obtained data will serve for the later quantification of the influence of the POWERSKIN+ system on the energy and environmental demands of buildings and on the internal comfort of users.

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The POWERSKIN+ project received financial support from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 869898.