The Fenix administrative center has completed a two-year operation with building monitoring and continues to cooperate with CTU UCEEB

News, 21/08/2018

The CTU University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings has been cooperating for a long time with Fenix Group as on the concept of smart energy management in buildings. The Fenix Office Center in Jeseník is a pilot project where CTU UCEEB provides remote monitoring of the quality of the indoor environment and management of energy management. This year, the administration building will undergo some technical improvements.

In July 2018, after two years, experts from CTU UCEEB completed the monitoring of the Fenix administrative center, during which they tested different operating modes of the battery storage. In addition, in cooperation with the company ČEZ Distribuce, a.s., a two-week measurement and testing of the quality of the network and the possibility of supporting the distribution network by the facility operator took place.
Specialists in hybrid energy systems from the Monitoring a řízení inteligentních budov department they ensured the programming of the entire testing. The control algorithm was based on the illumination prediction thanks to the PVForecast service and estimation of electricity consumption in the building. It was changed every two days to test different concepts of using a near-zero energy building as an active grid element. The obtained results of this measurement will be presented at professional conferences and workshops and will further serve stakeholders for development in the areas of smart energy.

Currently, in the production area Fenix Group builds a large battery storage to ensure uninterrupted energy supply and reduce energy consumption peaks. In this part of the project, CTU UCEEB will provide long-term monitoring and consultations during the testing of the integration of large storage into industrial production.

This September, our experts will install a special skyscanner camera on the Fenix administration building. This device will send images to CTU servers for automatic image processing in order to predict cloud movements and classify the progress of solar radiation. The analysis will then serve to refine the short-term forecast of solar radiation intensity for the photovoltaic system. It is a unique service within the framework of smart energy, which CTU UCEEB has been targeting for a long time. It should serve for the optimal management of battery storage facilities with a photovoltaic system and ensure affordable energy from renewable sources for consumers.