The House for the Future will soon celebrate its first anniversary

News, 06/12/2021

The CTU University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings, together with other partners, participated in the construction of a family house, which serves its owners for regular living and at the same time as a test object for scientists to verify the cooperation of a rooftop photovoltaic power plant with house batteries and a distribution "smart network “.

The family house in Omice near Brno was created within výzkumného projektu RESOPT Centre for Advanced Materials and Efficient Buildings (CAMEB), which aims to optimize renewable energy systems for near-zero energy buildings. The Indoor Environment Quality team and the Photovoltaic Systems team together with the Department of Technical Building Equipment of the Faculty of Civil Engineering participated in the preparation and implementation for UCEEB CTU.

The goal of the verified and further developed energy-saving house management is to ensure high-quality indoor environment conditions for users with low electricity consumption and low operating costs. It is equipped with a user-friendly interface and is ready to implement new features.

In connection with the current rise in energy prices, the upcoming expansion includes the prediction of PV production, household consumption and the development of electricity prices on the market. On this basis, the battery charge (SOC) and thus the economic use of variable prices are defined in advance. The algorithm uses a forecast for 24 hours ahead with continuous refinement for 1 to 2 hours.

A number of other participants are involved in the project, who supplied, for example, a photovoltaic power plant, battery storage, a recuperative air handling unit, electric radiant heating, a user interface, and a control unit.

Namely, it is:

Fénix Trading, sro – heating systems
AERS, sro – battery systems for energy storage
Wafe, sro - ventilation systems
Teco, as – PLC for measurement and regulation
ICTexpert, sro – user interface iCOOL4
SPower, sro – photovoltaic power plant

How does everything work in the family home after almost a year of operation with můžete podívat v tomto videu.