The new facade will flood and cool

News, 13/01/2022

CTU UCEEB cooperates with DEKMETAL s.r.o. to create a new thermally active facade element that, in addition to passive weather protection, will provide buildings with energy for their heating or cooling.

The joint research and development project focuses on a new thermally active facade element designed for connection to a heat source for heating, cooling and hot water preparation in buildings with almost zero energy consumption (in accordance with the NZEB II legislative regulations valid from 2022). Based on mathematical modeling, the design of functional samples of the facade cassette with an integrated heat exchanger was designed. Samples of facade elements are currently tested in Solární laboratoři CTU UCEEB in Buštěhrad on a device using a solar radiation simulator.

The main expected result is the semi-operation of the thermally active facade verifying not only the performance parameters, but also potential problem areas in the assembled facade in real conditions. The results of the project will lead to completely new products of the DEKMETAL s.r.o. company, which change the concept of the facade from passive weather protection to an active element for supplying buildings with energy for heating or cooling.