The WAVE micro power plant meets the strictest emission limits

The University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings of CTU measured the emissions of pollutants arising from the combustion of wood chips in the WAVE 50 Micropower Plant. The test proved that the automatic boiler producing both heat and electricity meets European standards with a large margin.

In all member states of the European Union, from January 1, 2020, it is possible to legally purchase and put into operation only boilers that meet the Ecodesign requirements set forth in nařízením komise EU 2015/1189. Therefore, all types of boilers on the market had to be verified as to whether they comply with this standard. In particular, the amount of solid pollutants (TZL), organic gaseous compounds (TOC), nitrogen oxides (NOX) and carbon monoxide (CO) was monitored. The measurement confirmed that the WAVE 50 Micro Power Plant developed by us meets the strictest emission limits.