The WAVE micro power plant was at the birth of Opava Venus

News, 22/04/2022
Municipalities in the Opava region, in accordance with the VENUS strategy (Vision of an energy-saving region), established the community energy community ENERKOM with the aim of producing electricity and heat from renewable sources and supplying them to households, public buildings and companies in the neighborhood. Mikolajice is also among the founding members, where the local critical infrastructure has been continuously supplied for several years by a system that combines the power of the WAVE cogeneration unit with photovoltaic cells and battery storage.

Mikolajice is among the first municipalities in the adjacent region that gained experience with modern energy solutions and smart technologies, which will be passed on within the newly established ENERKOM community. According to the strategic vision of VENUS, more than 60 MWp of renewable electricity sources could be installed by 2030 in the Opava region, where approximately 60,000 inhabitants live. This means 1 kWp (installed power) for every citizen.

You can see more details, including the presentation of the WAVE microelectric plant, in the Czech TV program entitled Opavská Venuše.