We are cooperating with Kladno on the planning of an energy-plus district

News, 09/04/2019

The University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU has started cooperation with Kladno on the SPARCS project. Its goal is, together with other European cities, to create a vision of technological development until 2050 and to prepare for the gradual creation of an energy-plus district.

Kladno joined the international consortium in the Horizon 2020 program as one of the few cities in the Czech Republic. It thus continues to fulfill its sustainable development strategy, which is primarily focused on transport, construction and air quality. The main priority is to get citizens into the center of the decision-making process and increase their awareness of the activities of the town hall. We will therefore create inclusive management and planning processes for digitization, the introduction of electromobility and sustainable energy, in which the technical and planning departments of the Kladno municipality will be involved together with the citizens. With our contribution, in the coming decades, a neighborhood of energy-plus houses should grow in Kladno, which will fully cover their own operation from renewable energy sources and use the surpluses, for example, to charge electric cars or supply to the network.