We are developing an innovative prefabricated wood-concrete ceiling panel

News, 18/05/2020

The University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU participates in the experimental development of a composite ceiling element that achieves above-standard static, acoustic and fire parameters while maintaining subtle dimensions and the related lower weight of the structure.


As part of the static load tests, which are currently taking place in the Mechanical Laboratory of the Czech Technical University UCEEB, test bodies with three variants of the load-bearing reinforcement of the concrete slab and four variants of the coupling elements between the wooden and concrete parts of the cross-section are tested. In a concrete slab, the effect of composite basalt reinforcement, composite carbon reinforcement and steel concrete reinforcement is investigated. Steel plates with double-sided pressing or gluing in the wooden part of the cross-section and special profiling in the concrete part of the cross-section, as well as wood screws with an extension under the head, are considered as a connecting element.

Another added value of the new composite element will be an integrated RFID chip enabling any information about the ceiling element to be carried. This is mainly information about the location of the part in the structure of the building so that it cannot be confused during assembly on the construction site, about the properties of the part or the location of installation penetrations in case of later interventions in the structure of the panel during the life of the building.

Project Hybridní dřevobetonové nosné konstrukční systémy was supported by a grant from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.