We are launching the SAWER system

News, 15/02/2021

The team of the CTU University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings has arrived in Dubai, where it is finalizing the implementation of SAWER technology in the Czech pavilion for the international exhibition EXPO 2020. The system will be commissioned as a whole in the next two weeks and ready for permanent operation.

Scientists from CTU UCEEB will connect the main parts of the system (heat pump, heat and cold storage, sorption unit), complete the implementation of hybrid photovoltaic collectors on the roof of the pavilion, install sensors and a monitoring system for the entire facility, and connect the system for extracting water from the air to photobioreactor technology and irrigation gardens.

The SAWER system will be technically integrated and visualized in Dubai as part of the Czech exposition, the central theme of which is the extraction of water from the air and its use for the cultivation of the dry desert. The device will deliver an average of 500 liters per day intended for subsurface irrigation of the garden in the area of the Czech National Pavilion.

Více detailů o systému S.A.W.E.R. můžete nalézt v jeho webové prezentaci.